Venomous snakes are all over Texas and the lone star state has many types of these deadly little critters.

Throughout the state, Texans have to be wary of coral snakes, rattle snakes, copperheads and water moccasins, aka "cotton mouths".

Fortunately for those of us in the 915, we only have rattlers to worry about.

Due to the insane heat this year, snakes may be a bit more likely to approach your home looking for shade.

Be very careful when lifting boxes or other items that a snake might find shade under.

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Rattlers are, of course, among the deadliest and largest but do tend to do us a solid and warn us away with their rattles. The rattle also makes them easy to identify while many other snakes look very much alike.

How To Tell Venomous Snakes From Non Venomous Snakes

One way to spot a venomous snake, besides the rattle, is by the shape of its head. Except for coral snakes, rattlers, cottonmouths and copperheads all have triangular shaped heads while non - venomous snakes have rounded heads.

Coral snakes are venomous but have round heads so, for those guys, look at their red, black and yellow markings.

How To Spot A Coral Snake

If the red and yellow bands touch, it's a coral snake and its bite could be fatal.

Their venom is actually the most potent of all Texas snakes.

If red and yellow are separated by a black band, you're ok.

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Will A Snakes Eyes Tell You If It's Venomous Or Not?

Their eyes also give them away, venomous snakes have vertical pupils, like cats eyes. Non-venomous snakes have rounded pupils.

Though getting close enough to figure it out by a snakes eyes may get you too close for comfort.

Here are some other facts about snakes and, should you be bitten by a venomous one, here are some do's and don'ts on how to treat the bite.

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