Texas is one of the hottest spots on the planet thanks to this crazy "heat dome" 'thing,

Pretty much all of west Texas, and even more along with a good chunk of Mexico, lies in the Chihuahuan desert and deserts are hot places.

We all know that. We've always known that. This is crazy though.

Today, (6/28/23), Texas will be hotter than 99% of the planet. That's NINETY - NINE percent ... only 1 freaking percent of the entire WORLD is hotter.

Don't roll your eyes Louisiana, you're part of this insane, superheated, merciless worldwide hot spot too.

Remember focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass onto pieces of paper to watch them burn?

Well, payback is one, hot beeee-yatch as God now has HIS magnifying glass aimed at us.

Texas and Louisiana are currently hotter than the Sahara Desert and the Persian Gulf.

Over the past week, several cities in Texas, including San Angelo and Del Rio, have hit or surpassed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) — temperatures that are more common at this time of year in parts of northern Africa and the Middle East. - nbcnews.com

This heat dome, aka the devil's crotch, is spreading too with the Lower Mississippi Valley and parts of the Southeast about to join in on the fun with Texas and Louisiana.

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Just for giggles, peeps in the upper, cooler parts of the US who aren't being roasted alive are being choked by Mother Nature.

Stay inside, stay way hydrated and think back to the self - entertainment skills you learned during the pandemic.

Because, if you can just stay home ... with your AC cranked to 11 ... from now 'til October, you probably should.

If you can't cool off physically, maybe you can cool off mentally looking at these pics of the biggest swimming pool in Texas.

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