Monument One

There has been controversy over a particular reason some of us dislike the border barrier. We have plenty of reasons why we don't enjoy it but one involves a historical marker. Before the "We Build The Wall" group made this border barrier happen we had access to Monument One. But after they started building the wall it denied us access to the historical marker, Monument One. In case you have never visited Monument One it is located in the city of Sunland Park.

I may not be a resident in Sunland Park but I am also bothered about the barrier being built without proper permits. Not just that but also have the wall built and keeping it closed that denies access to Monument One. You will see my disappointed look that my boss captured in the photo gallery above. If you would like to be able to visit Monument One The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico needs your help for that. The citizens should write an email to the IBWC about the barrier blocking access to Monument One and being unlawful.

If you've never seen what Monument One looks like up close and personal be sure to check out the photo gallery above.


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