There is nothing more thrilling than brushing up on some history that comes with a tragic tale. Don't get me wrong, some tales were saddening while some were just crazy.

Now Dead Man's Hole is one of those crazy stories that will blow your mind.

Since middle school, I was never a fan of the social studies subject. When I was in high school, I remember learning about Dead Man's Hole and having nightmares from that lesson.

After learning about the Dead Man's Hole I've been wanting to visit the historical marker ever since. I was never really a history buff until my curiosity got the best of me.

Learning about some dark scary times that happened at Dead Man's Hole will really keep your attention. Basically, the hole was used to dispose of men's bodies who were not in support of succeeding from the union and found guilty.

Dead Man's Hole is about 7 feet wide and close to 160 feet deep. If you're wondering exactly how far down that is, it's about 15 stories deep.

The coolest road trips always include visiting a historical marker that are not too far away. Dead Man's Hole is located Southwest of Marble Falls, Texas.

Dead Man's Hole is about 538 miles away from El Paso, Texas.

Eventually, in time the hole was filled with dirt in order to avoid any future hazards. The story behind Dead Man's Hole is worth hearing and to scope if you ever head out in that direction in the future.

Let me know if you plan to visit Dead Man's Hole in the future in the poll below.

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