Have you ever worked up the courage to try something and then back out the second you have a chance? Well, every time I have seen insect lollipops being sold I always buy some but NEVER eat them.

The last time I bought a scorpion lollipop I had a few licks but never finished it and threw it away. I hate wasting food and money as it is and recently purchased 8 insect lollipops for me and some friends. Just one person ate a worm lollipop the very day I gifted them with the gross sucker. Now, what tripped me out and made me feel like a loser was how fast the person ate the lollipop. A 10-year-old ate the worm lollipop which definitely put me to shame since I couldn't do it years ago. After watching her anxiously awaiting to get to the worm made me feel like more of a wimp. But instead of me trying on my own, I know I will HAVE to eat it if I get YOU involved. So by having you get involved and place your vote, there is NO backing out and I have to accomplish a goal I have always had. Normally I NEVER finish the insect lollipop but for you, I would finish one whole lollipop and record the whole thing. So the one with the most votes will be the lollipop I will finish with no excuses. Hopefully, I don't puke in front of the camera as I am eating the insect lollipop.

Place your vote on what insect lollipop you would like me to eat down below!

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