Here at the Buzz Adams Morning Show we are big fans of a well done mash-up. A “mash-up” is when two or more songs are combined in such a way as to create an entirely new musical experience. We’ve done a few of our own mash-ups and they are extremely time intensive…plus, we don’t even do the video part which is a whole extra category of editing man-hours. So, when we discover a mash-up that someone has done that obviously took many, many hours of work we always make sure to give them credit. Today’s mash-up is the work of You-Tuber Bill McClintock whose work you can follow here.

Today’s mash-up features masked metal band Slipknot’s song “Before I Forget” mixed with “Love Shack” by New Wave icons The B-52s. Also, there’s a guitar solo from Zac Wilde shredding on Ozzy Osbourne’s “ I Don’t Wanna Stop” making this a full-on three-way mash-up!

This is “Slip Shack”.

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