If you're a parent and have had to sneak away for a little me and snack time, you can relate with this mom! As a mommy myself, I've had to do the same except I would hide in the bathroom.

Gardner Quad Squad is a family of six and the mother recorded her snack break while the pack was anxiously waiting for her return. She mentioned the father was outside shoveling the driveway and how she desperately needed a treat to help get her through the night. So what better way to hide out from your children? She locked herself up in the food pantry to quickly indulge her Twizzler candy she wasn't wanting to share. This mom made a truthful statement about the kids always wanting what you have. Hence, why she had to sneak into the pantry to eat her Twizzler candy without having to share.

The best part of the video was watching the ending and one of the kiddos saying hi to the camera!