Model Liz Dickson agreed to place a golf tee between her butt cheeks, back in 2012, at a Playboy Golf Tournament in Los Angeles. She was hit pretty hard on the cheek, after comedian Kevin Klein took a swing. She is now suing Playboy for more than $500,000.

I have no idea why this girl would agree to do this but now she is pissed off about it. The video shows the hard hit Dickson took to the booty but the real evidence of just how painful this incident is, can be seen in this picture.

Dickson's attorney claims she was badly injured from this incident by damaging her hip ligaments, nerves and still feels numbness and tingling in her right leg. Her medical bills have cost her $33,000.

Playboy hasn't released a statement to TMZ, who first broke this story, but it will probably be a matter of time before arguments start making social media. I'm just glad Buzz never asked me to do this during my internship.

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