I'm not an outdoorsy, sporty girl. I have about as much athletic ability as a recycling bin but I think it's super cool to see the City putting in amenities for people who aren't as athletically clueless as I am. The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will be unveiling a new disc golf course in the northeast this weekend.

The City will be opening the new Disc Golf Course at Nations Tobin Park with an inaugural disc throwing ceremony and grand opening tournament at 8:45 a.m. this Saturday, July 17. The disc golf course has 18-holes with the possibility of three basket settings, and all include special signage that allows players to see upcoming holes. The course also has a tournament option set up.

City Parks and Recreation Department officials say disc golf is becoming a popular sport in El Paso and they are "excited to provide this unique course here in El Paso.” City Rep Alexandra Annello will be joined by members of local disc golf organizations to throw the first disc to open the new course and then a grand opening tournament will be played right after the ceremony.

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Disc golf is similar to golf but uses a frisbee disc thrown from a tee box into a standing basket. The goal is to get the disc into the basket in the least number of throws or strokes and can be played by teams or single players. I'm pretty sure people would need to duck if I was ever to throw a frisbee to keep from getting their heads lopped off.

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The course is free and open daily to everyone from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Get more information on the Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

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