Last night after leaving the radio station I decided to swing by a local drinking establishment to quench my thurst and watch the second half of the NFL game. 

ronson's car

(No names to protect the innacent). After ordering my very tall, very Jack and coke, I went out to the smoking area and to my surpise, there was a crowd but they were watching ladies vollyball. I found that quite odd but what was worse, playing on the jukebox was THE MONKEYS, DAY DREAM BELIEVER. Are you F'n kidding me???? Well, long story long, I excused myself and when I walked outside, There we about 6 - 8 city police officers standing around my car. Asking them if there was aproblem, they wanted my ID and insurance. After handing them the documents, they told me there was a disturbance across the street at the gas station and my car matched the GETAWAY CAR! After taking there breathalizer test, ( I guess the drink wasn't Very Jack) They finally let me leave but 4 cars followed me down mesa so, It was time to go home. MISTAKIN IDENTITY MY AZZ!!!

Be safe this weekend all!!!!!

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