The newest episode of the hit HBO show Euphoria featured a song from former El Pasoan Al Jourgensen's band Ministry.  HBO's Euphoria is the hit show that the Gen Z kids are obsessed with. The show is starting plenty of fashion trends, everything from midriff-baring tops, face glitter, neon eyeshadows, and more but there's also another facet of the show that fans can't get enough of- the soundtrack.

The show fills every episode with plenty of great music people can discover, in season 1 the episodes contained an average of 25 to 27 songs per episode according to Elle, and season 2 of the show is already blowing those numbers out of the water. In season 2, episode 1 music supervisor Jenn Malone told she believes there were 37 songs in the episode. The songs came from a wide variety of genres but all still had the Euphoria "feel" to them.

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Malone discussed some of the songs she put into the new episodes and highlighted one song she was really excited to put into an episode. Malone told she took pleasure in putting an early Ministry song into the episode, saying it was a chance for her to put in the show some of her favorites:

“It's such a short spot, but it was like, I've always wanted to put in one of Ministry's earliest songs that now sounds nothing like it. As a music supervisor, when the genre that the director wants to go in, or that the showrunner wants to go in, happens to be like your favorite music? It's a gift.”

Ministry also noticed their song in the episode and posted about it on Facebook, noting that “Effigy (I’m Not An)” is from 1983’s With Sympathy album. A fan commented on the post saying "Now you are obliged to play it live," to which the band commented, "not likely."

Ministry's lead singer and founder Al Jourgensen is known by El Pasoans for the time he spent calling the Sun City home. Al Jourgensen first came to El Paso to record at the world-famous Sonic Ranch recording studio located on the outskirts of El Paso in Tornillo. Jourgensen not only recorded the band's album while at Sonic Ranch, but he also kicked his heroin problem at the same time. Jourgensen moved to El Paso around 2009 and called the Sun City home for several years until he moved back to Los Angeles a few years ago.

You can read more about Malone's music choices for season 2 at the website.

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