Whether you need a break from stress, personal problems, or just this pandemic life it's understanding. Although some of us wish we could just get out of El Paso for a quick getaway sometimes that isn't possible. Unless it involves a short and quick road trip 40 minutes East outside of El Paso. Now if you like to be one with nature then this escape is where you will find your serenity minus the city noise. This tranquil spot is so serene you can't help but feel all your troubles drift.

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Your surroundings include a desert, a few tipis, and a lake walk to enjoy the beautiful view. If you rather pass on wasting your gas the pictures below could convince you otherwise. Yes, I am aware Ascarate Park has a lake but it isn't as quiet as it is far East. I wouldn't mind driving out to Fabens from time to time despite driving a gas guzzler. Just recently took a drive out to Fabens for some pictures other than the ones you will see below. But if you visit around 5 pm you the sunset view is amazing to watch on the lake walk.

You're probably wondering where would a worthy of a quick getaway be that is outside of El Paso. If 40 minutes East outside of El Paso wasn't hint enough, then maybe another hint will. If you enjoy eating a scrumptious steak outside of El Paso then you know where I am going with this. While there are people who go through great lengths to love others go through great lengths for food, literally. The lake walk in Fabens near Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch is the best tranquil spot you won't be disturbed especially without signal service on your phone.

Lake Walk Near El Paso

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