Forty people have been arrested in connection with a suspected cockfighting ring in Midland, Texas, according to police.

News West 9 reported that 40 adults and one minor were arrested in a raid at a Midland home over the weekend. Officers also confiscated more than 50 roosters, $40,000 in cash, cocaine, weapons, testosterone, B-12 steroids and syringes allegedly used to inject the roosters in the raid.

Police said they believe the cockfighting ring spanned throughout the state.

"I know there's a circuit here that runs from Mexico, to Texas, to New Mexico and Oklahoma," Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told News West 9. "That's where a lot of these people were from who were apprehended Saturday. We had enough probable cause for an affidavit and was able to get a judge to sign it and issue the search warrant."

Painter said that the suspected organization had been under surveillance, and the raid planned, for a while.
The roosters are being fed by a contractor while a judge determines what do with them.