Everyone knows actress Michelle Rodriguez is one tough chick, on and off screen. Now we see her in probably one of the toughest situations she has ever been placed in, during an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. 

When it comes to being an overall badass, we know Michelle is the perfect woman for that title. To add to her list of awesomeness, we see Michelle do what only a few crazy people would do, eat a mouse cooked in her own urine.

While being stranded in the Nevada desert, Michelle and Bear decided to stop to have a quick meal of urine mouse soup. Not a romantic setting, so things don't get awkward --unless that is something Bear is into. Which I don't doubt he is.

This meal is actually pretty clean according to Bear, "According to Bear, “It is actually safe to drink pee—fresh from the tap, so to speak. But, to be 100% safe, If you boil it up, it gets rid of any bacteria.” If you think you are just as hardcore as Michelle, go ahead and boil yourself a fresh batch of pee and enjoy after a hard work week. You deserve it.

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