Remember Michelle Jenneke?  Wanna see her in a bikini?  C'mon in ...

Hurdler Michelle Jenneke first popped up when a video of her warming up for a race went viral.  You wouldn't think a warm up could be sexy would you?  Slow it down though and ..... well, see for yourself! (Sorry about the music.)

Not only did this Aussie hottie win the race (I think) but she won over the Sports Illustrated peeps as well.  They wasted no time at all getting her into their 2013 swimsuit issue!

Check out this video of her photo shoot! (and, you're welcome!)

I love that accent.  Not to mention that body!  Makes me want to grab a Fosters and learn to hurdle!  (I may actually buy this issue!)

Careful Kate Upton, you're still my favorite but you could be breasted ... errrr, bested here!!

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