Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame right? This El Paso hottie's getting an extra 15...

These days, there is a list for everything and El Paso pops up on them a lot.  For instance we made the "best place to trick or treat" list, the "most endangered historical areas" list, the "coolest Harley Davidson dealers" list, the "most picturesque High Schools" list and the "most cougars", (older women looking for younger men), list just to name a few.

Now we made this list of the hottest female jail inmates.  Oddly, most of these ladies are from Florida but, one El Pasoan made it!  Former Miss El Paso, Lorena Tavera, got locked up for shoplifting back in 2011.  Check out some other pictures of her here.

Now I understand why so many guys want to "identify" as women. They're trying to get locked up with some of these babes!!

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