Metallica may have held four anniversary shows in San Francisco specifically for fan club members earlier this month, but the Four Horsemen are certainly doing their part to engage non fan club members by sharing bits and pieces of the shows. That way, the rest of their massive global fan base can feel a part of the fun. The band has now shared 30 minutes of video footage from the Dec. 9 show, the third of the the four gigs..

This video starts with a walk through of the Metallica Museum, where fans gawk at lots of guitars, drum kits, fliers and other historical artifacts pertaining to the band in its earliest days.

It cuts to footage of James Hetfield onstage, having an open dialogue with the assembled fan club members. Hetfield was quick to point out that it’s not a show. He declared that it’s a party and Metallica are the house band, there to have fun and make mistakes, as well as to pull out some surprises and foul language.

There’s some bantering with host Jim Breuer and then you can really enjoy Glenn Danzig perform with the band, as well as Rob Halford, who was a sharp-dressed man in a black suit.

For more details on all four of the shows, go here.

Watch Metallica Footage From Third Anniversary Show

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