The Rothschilds are a very wealthy European family that made a lot of their money in international banking. The family is Jewish and “The Rothschilds” figure prominently in many, many anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Mel Gibson is an actor who has used anti-Semitic language and repeated some of the worst Jewish slanders. It’s all in his arrest records.

So, when you hear that Gibson has a film project called “Rothchild”…well, many people can only imagine the worst. Not to worry though, because Gibson’s publicist says it’s “not about THOSE Rothschilds”.

Alan Nierob, Gibson’s longtime publicist, responded to a query from The Daily Beast about the film: “I feel the need to spare you any embarrassment…this film is about a fictional family (hence the name ‘Rothchild’) vs. the Rothschild family to which you’re referring”.

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Nierob included a summary of the movie which describes “an ultra-wealthy multi-generational family of Jewish bankers” that is NOT the ultra-wealthy multi-generational family of Jewish bankers that have been the go-to bogeyman for every anti-Semite dating back to the 1700s.

I guess the “s” that’s missing from “Rothchild” is the part that’s supposed to absolve Mel from suspicion. It would be like if Alex Jones made a movie called “George Soross” but claimed it had nothing to do with the real George Soros because it has an extra “s”. It seems like the kind of denial you make when you really DON’T want to deny something at all.

“Rothchild” is in pre-production right now. It is reportedly being directed by Jon S. Baird who directed 2018’s biopic “Stan and Ollie”. Also reportedly, it will co-star Shia LaBeouf because I guess this project wasn’t already problematic enough.

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