A good boy is in the Sun City ready to get to work on a very important job: sniff out human remains in Red Sands. A 4 year old German Shepard named Titan is working with the Texas Rescue Patrol out at Red Sands and has been training to sniff out human remains his entire life.

KTSM, who originally reported on Titan, spoke with both the Texas Rescue Patrol and with Titan's trainer, Ammie Zachow who says that Titan has been training since he was only a few weeks old and is able to sniff out something as small as a tooth!

While doing some training out in the far East desert, our good boy Titan, got to show off his skills, just look at what a good boy he is!

Look at what a good boy he is!

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According to KTSM, the fake cadaver you see in his training is filled with real human remains and when released Titan was able to pick up the scent and find the fake cadaver within minutes.

Zachow tells KTSM that she is training another dog to find missing people by using a piece of their clothing; which means we may get another good boy or good girl in the Sun City to help bring closure to some families.

In all seriousness, Titan is a hardworking dog who is doing some very serious work and will hopefully help the Texas Rescue Patrol and local authorities check through areas that may have been overlooked by humans.

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