The birth of this band from our sister city of Juarez came about after loads of lineup changes, years of violence, and one very lucky break.

Founding member Fabian Rodríguez started out in a band called Trebuchet, then performed with The Ferries from 2006 – 2008, on guitar and vocals. He also occasionally switched to drums while the drummer played guitar and sang. 

The band went through a number of membership changes and a couple of name changes between '06 and '08 which hindered their success.

The violence.

In 2009 a wave of violence struck the country of Mexico, and Juárez was especially hard hit. A byproduct of that was a drop in crowds going out and fewer venues in which to play so, unfortunately, The Ferries folded.

The music was strong in Fabian though and he continued to play. In 2011 Fermont's was born.

In November of 2011, Fabian competed in a band contest but his registration had been lost so he performed under the name of a different artist who, fortunately for Fabian, hadn't shown up and he made it to the final round. That showcase became Fermont's first live performance and they killed it. A few more membership changes later, Fermont's continue to rock both sides of the border. They can also be heard frequently during Q Connected which airs every Sunday night, from 10 pm to midnight, on KLAQ.

You can listen to their new album, "Kyros", here and the video they recently filmed for the albums' title track can be seen above.

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