McDonald's rolled out its all-day breakfast program on Tuesday, and late-sleepers, college students and stoners rejoiced.

Before breakfast-lovers across the nation go into full celebration mode, however, the full breakfast menu isn't available everywhere. Instead, a limited breakfast menu is being offered, and varies by location.

McDonald's has divided the breakfast menus by region, with some areas getting the McMuffin menu, which includes the egg McMuffin and sausage and egg McMuffin, and other areas getting the biscuit version of the menu, which includes the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and sausage and egg biscuit, among other breakfast food variations nestled amid a biscuit.

So what is Texas? According to a map released by McDonald's, Texas is McMuffin Country, so don't get your hopes up about getting a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit after 10:30 a.m. unless you want to plan a trip across the state to Louisiana or Arkansas.

McDonald's Breakfast Menu Map

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