McDonald's may permanently discontinue their all day breakfast and that is the last straw 2020! I was cool with Mickey D's temporarily getting rid of their all day breakfast when the pandemic began, but now it's taking it too far. It was fine then, many restaurants are working with a limited menu due to the global pandemic, but completely getting rid of the all day breakfast is whack.

According to Food & Wine, McDonald's is evalutating "IF" they should bring back their all day menu after all this blows over. In a statement to Food & Wine, Mickey D's says;

“We removed All Day Breakfast from the menu to simplify operations in our kitchens, which we saw provided better speed of service and order accuracy. As McDonald’s and franchisees evaluate if and how we bring All Day Breakfast back to our menus, we want to ensure these improvements will remain consistent for our customers. Any final decision will be made in partnership with our franchisees, based on consumer demand, and designed to drive the business while minimizing operational disruptions.”

That "if" is pretty big and as the Wall Street Journal reports, in June, the board of the influential National Owners Association, which represents about 80-percent of American franchisees, said earlier this year they want to get rid of all day breakfast for good. So, after five years, we may have to say goodbye to Egg McMuffin's in the evening, farewell to my favorite meal: McGriddle and McNuggets. What will 2020 take from us next?

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