Dust off your magnifying glass and look over the evidence and you can probably help the El Paso County Sheriff's office solve this mystery. Two masked individuals were captured on a doorbell camera exposing their genitals in the northeast side of El Paso. (As a lifelong resident of the northeast I just want to say we don't claim them!).

On Saturday evening around the 4600 block of Aries Dr., while at work, Carlos Macias was alerted on his phone that his doorbell camera had been activated; what Macias saw is something that no one should have to witness.

Have you seen this penis and butt? The two exhibitionists are now on the run and the Sheriff's office is asking the community for help identifying them.

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The Sheriff’s office would like to remind the public to remain alert and report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood by calling the authorities. Anyone with information regarding this case or the identity of the subjects is asked to call Sheriff’s Office Communications at 915-832-4408.

This seriously makes me wonder what nonsense might be happening outside my door! I don't have a doorbell camera but I am considering getting one. The sad part here is that Macias says his kids were home, and while they didn't see the full video, they did get a glimpse of the masked figure before he decided to expose himself.

As much as many would like to make jokes about this incident (and trust me, it's real easy to immediately think of jokes) let's remember that this is a serious situation and it definitely needs to be put to a stop.


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