There is something special that will be happening next summer in 2022. It involves the El Paso Chihuahuas and Marvel in case you're wondering. MiLB shared the exciting news with fans about teaming up with Marvel for its next project.

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MiLB and Marvel Entertainment will be teaming up for a partnership that will be for three years. Which you know what that means, right? El Paso Chihuahuas baseball games are about to get interesting.

During 2022 through 2024 baseball season, locals will enjoy watching a Marvel Super Hero-themed game. MiLB and Marvel Entertainment are thrilled for the next fun series "Marvel's Defenders of the Diamond" for 3 years.

So next year and a couple of years after that you will notice the baseball players wearing Marvel Super Hero-branded jerseys. But that isn't the only exciting news about this announcement.

The El Paso Chihuahuas will also be having Marvel-themed activities and promotions too. After this announcement was made you know Marvel and baseball fanatics were rejoicing.

All I can say is I hope Thanos won't be part of this fun upcoming series. But it would be really cool if the oldest hero Galactus could be glorified. But that's just my opinion. Just check out the video MiLB's Instagram shared a couple of days ago (below).

Plus, you know on those particular game days your kids will definitely love it. Plus it allows them to suit up in their superhero costume besides Halloween.

So you can expect to see co-branded merchandise and more be revealed next year. You can read more about this future project with Marvel Entertainment and MiLB by clicking here.

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