BET+ has announced that there will be a reunion special for the 30th anniversary of Martin Lawrence’s sit-com “Martin”.  The show aired on FOX for five seasons beginning in 1992. Martin, along with his TV wife Tisha Campbell have confirmed they will both be part of the reunion which will feature interviews, musical performances, and discussion and commentary about the show’s impact.

The “2021 Soul Train Awards” Presented By BET - Arrivals
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The show has already been recorded and will air “sometime later this year”. Nineties nostalgia is red-hot right now, so the “Martin” reunion will probably attract a lot of viewers. But, what about the sexual harassment controversy that effectively ended the show?

Possibly you recall the final season when the character of Gina was missing for all but the final two episodes. It was a running joke during Season five that Gina was “away on business” or that she had “missed the boat” on the vacation episodes. The truth was, Tisha Campbell was suing Martin Lawrence for “sexual harassment” and “physical and verbal assault”.  The case was eventually settled out of court and Tisha returned for those last two episodes.

So…everything’s good between Martin and Tisha? Apparently so. Maybe?

In the days leading up to the filming, Martin said that the accusations were “bull-****” and “something that just didn’t happen”.  Tisha said on “The Talk” last week that she was surprised by those comments but that she couldn’t get into it because of a confidentiality agreement that was part of the settlement.

Lawrence and Campbell both agree that they’ve spoken since then and made their peace. Martin declared on Instagram, “Regardless (of the case) I have nothin’ but love for Tisha then and now” along with #yougogirl. Tisha responded with, “YOU GO BOY my fam for life!” in a comment.

The “2021 Soul Train Awards” Presented By BET - Show
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During that time in the mid-nineties, Martin’s mental health issues were well-documented a diagnosis of “paranoia” from his psychiatrist, public meltdowns, rehab, and trying to board a commercial flight with a 9mm. It SEEMS like those allegations sound like something that would be awfully hard to forgive…for Tisha to forgive Martin if they were true and for Martin to forgive Tisha if they were false. Maybe Tisha has realized Martin Lawrence was struggling with his mental health and, therefore worthy of forgiveness. Perhaps they both are willing to “forget” about it for the sake of making the reunion.

Now, let’s talk about the SECOND worst thing from the set of “Martin”…Sheneneh.

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