The coronavirus is on everyone's mind these days. For those who partake in certain recreational activities, here's how to minimize your exposure...

Medical and legalized marijuana are pretty common these days so, don't start with that "it's against the law" stuff. Those who pass joints around are exposed to many transmittable viruses though, from simple colds to superbugs like the coronavirus. Fortunately, the concerned and civic-minded peeps at posted a helpful article on how to puff, puff, pass without the cough, hack, bleh.

Basically, your hands become the conduit. Place your "J" between your pinky finger and your ring finger. Cup your hands together, (Of course, you washed them thoroughly first. Right?), and voila: a "no" contact high.

That is a little oversimplified but I think you can imagine what we're getting at here.  If not, click here for more detailed instructions and pictures.

Safety first folks!

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