Be cool around dogs ... some of them are furry freakin' tattle tales!!

This dogs partner better not ever take up any illegal activities ... Fido here will TOTALLY rat him out!  A home search in Florida resulted in an arrest, all because a drug dog OUTSIDE indicated there was something inside.  Now the issue may go before the Supreme Court.

Florida's highest state court has said Franky's ability to detect marijuana growing inside a Miami-area house from outside a closed front door crossed the constitutional line.

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VERY curious to see how this one works out.  It could set a dangerous precedent in my opinion.  What if a (law enforcement) dog reacts to a nearby animal or smells your own pet on you?  Or the sandwich in your backpack??  His handler could potentially read that as an alert and search you, your home, car, etc

 That would sooooo NOT be right!  May as well say cops can search you just because you have long hair, wear a pro marijuana shirt, or be a certain race.  He may just not like you.  (Can you say "profiling"??) Whatever reason the officer may really have for approaching and/or searching you may never come to light.  All they will have to say is "the dog reacted". 

I hope this doesn't hold up ...  What do you think??