A scary situation was caught on camera as a car wash owner was caught being swept up by a giant machine brush inside an automatic car wash.

According to the videos YouTube subscription, Pitstop Car Wash manager Josh Hood was in a mesmerizing situation as a giant brush consumed him and spun him around like a record. Yeah, I bet you are about to quote a song.

Luckily, Hood came out of the car wash with only a few road rash scrapes. He says that this experience was scary than anything he experienced in the military. Seems a little weird to say that, but you know you would freak out too if you had a hose wrap around you like a snake as you're spinning around uncontrollably, inches away from being slammed against metal poles.

Hood looks back at the incident and finds it a little funny how "I'm now in the safety what-not-to-do videos," he said. The car wash didn't have any damage either, so everything turned out okay and the internet has another priceless video.