Social media users are freaking out over photos of a woman on a leash being walked around by a man. The couple was seen walking around the New Springville neighborhood of Staten Island and made everyone feel so awkward, they had to post about it on Instagram.

Of course, most comments about these photos have been pretty judgmental. No one likes the idea of a woman wearing a leash, unless it has 'Fifty Shades of Grey' connected to it. Some of the workers at stores in the mall say the couple are frequent shoppers, but it was the first time they have seen the woman on a leash.

The mall security guard even walked up and had a conversation with the couple. No idea if he addressed the situation, or if he asked the guy for tips to get his woman to wear a leash in public. The possible positive comments about the photo involved most people just saying, 'Eh, it's Staten Island."

More power to the people of Staten Island if they are cool with the idea, but I think they should keep the woman out of park's fountain.