A Washington man tried to bribe police to get out of a possession charge.

A search of the guys' car, following a traffic stop, turned up cocaine and marijuana. That's not really unusual. I mean, it happens all the time right? People try to bribe police officers all the time to but, this bonehead didn't offer them cash. Or even drugs. He figured Taco Bell would get him off the hook.

According to a story at KVIA.com:

Officer Joshua Glass of the Pasco Police Department stopped the Pasco man around 2 a.m Thursday for a minor equipment violation when he saw baggies of white powder semi-concealed by a cell phone. The man asked the officer if he would look the other way in exchange for a trip to Taco Bell. - Yakima Herald

Too bad they don't have Chicos Tacos in Washington. If he'd offered those, with extra sauce, I'm sure the Po - Po would have totally gone for it.

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