This guy has the quote of quotes when it comes to dealing with the DMV.

“If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them,” he said.

You can find the whole story here about a guy that spent $1000 to drop off 300,000 pennies at the DMV. Here's a brief synopsis of the story:

Nick Stafford was looking to register his son's new car, but didn't know which of his 4 houses the registration should be under. I know, it's tough to feel bad for the guy who has 4 houses, especially when the car he wants to register is a Corvette.

But while trying to find an answer to his question, he was constantly given the run around by the DMV. That doesn't seem all that shocking. So like he said, if they were going to inconvenience him, he was going to inconvenience them. And he did so, by paying the DMV their $3,000 for the fees he owed.

And he took his time with this. He got hundreds of rolls of pennies, paid 11 people $10 an hour (it took 4 hours total) to break them open and put them in the wheelbarrows. Needless to say, Stafford came through with his claim, that he was going to make it inconvenient for them. Just imagine the time the DMV gets to spend now counting out the pennies and completing the transaction.

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