A French treasure hunter is suing Forrest Fenn's estate saying he was cheated out of finding the gold by Fenn himself. It's been a little over a year since Jack Stuef found Forrest Fenn's treasure and almost a year since Fenn himself passed away but people are still fighting over the chest.

We've been covering this story for years, and it seems like there's another chapter being added to this twisted tale. New Mexico millionaire Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest worth over a million dollars filled with gold, rare coins, and other valuables back in 2010. He gave treasure seekers a poem with clues in his autobiography "The Thrill of the Chase" and told hunters to go out and enjoy nature while they searched.

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We told you that Jack Stuef found the treasure in June of 2020 and only went public with his name after he found out he was going to be named in a lawsuit against Forrest Fenn. The first lawsuit was filed in 2019 by David Hanson but a second lawsuit was filed right after it was announced that the treasure was found. 47-year-old Barbara Anderson filed a lawsuit saying she believes she found the location of the treasure but someone hacked into her computer and stole it. Forrest Fenn passed away last year but the legal woes have raged on for his estate.

Another lawsuit has been filed against Forrest Fenn's estate, this time by a French treasure hunter. Bruno Raphoz filed the lawsuit saying he figured out the exact location of the treasure but before he could come and claim it, Fenn moved the chest. The lawsuit alleges Fenn retrieved the treasure himself then told the public it had been found while keeping the treasure for himself, per The Daily Mail.

No word from Forrest Fenn's estate on the new lawsuit.

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