Some guys don't have much game when it comes to attracting the ladies but this guy needs some serious therapy.

I applaud Cody Shoemaker's attempt to ask out a girl by rewriting a Frozen song, "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" but he could have done a better job releasing his masterpiece. The YouTube video Shoemaker created for a special girl showcases Shoemaker's lip syncing skills as he strolls along a railroad to his version, "Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend?" Isn't this how some horror movies start?

He continues his plea to this girl by singing and sitting on rocks, while staring off into the sunset. Don't barf yet. After obviously stealing some photos off the girl's social media accounts, he edits them into the video to finish off the creepy vibe.

The description of the video mentions that his attempt failed in getting him the girlfriend. She ended up still saying "IDK". Welcome to the Friend Zone.

If any lovely lady gets a little turned on by Shoemaker's singing, make his dream of finding his princess come true by being his girlfriend. Next time Shoemaker, just ask the girl straight to her face and save yourself the embarrassment.




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