If you are terrified of spiders, you might want to take caution watching this video. If you know someone scared of spiders, you should send them this video.

After complaining about a massive ear ache, Bruce Branit decided to check if he could see anything causing blockage in his ear with a cell phone camera. Not the typical tool most doctor's would use, but it was pretty effective in diagnosing his ear problem.

The video captured a black spider creeping out from Branit's ear canal. Yes, a gross black spider with glowing eyes was captured with on his cell phone video. Don't be embarrassed if you screamed, I know I did.

Branit wrote on his YouTube description about swimming in a lake in northwestern Missouri and feeling like he had an ear infection right after. Nope, it was just a massive spider. No reports on how or if he got the spider out of his ear, but now everyone who watches this video will be disturbed to go swimming this summer.

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