Nancy Pelosi was caught on video shoving a little girl out of her way during a photo op and SOMEHOW that was not the most talked-about “act of pseudo-violence” from the weekend.

House January 6th Select Committee Holds Its Fifth Hearing
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CCTV shows the former NYC Mayor/lead insurrectionist at a Shop Rite grocery store in Staten Island. Rudy doesn’t seem to be shopping, though. The video, which doesn’t include sound, makes it look like Giuliani is giving an impromptu stump speech to what looks like a small group of supporters.

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Rudy has been campaigning for his son who is running for Governor, so that’s probably what is going on. Although, getting an endorsement from Giuliani in 2022 seems like it should be about as popular as getting an endorsement from Benedict Arnold in 1778, dad or not.

A man wearing a mask, later identified as a store employee, walks past Rudy from behind and, as he does, gives him a hearty clap on the back.

The report says the man, 39, said “What’s up, scumbag” as he administered the tap. But, just from watching a video without sound, he could just as easily have been saying, “Keep it up, Rudy!” or “We love ya, America’s mayor!”.

The point is, it doesn’t look like the actual slap was as violent as R.G. is making it out. “This has to stop”, Giuliani said. “I’ve been in politics 50 years, I’ve never been attacked like this.”

Rudy Giuliani Appears Before Michigan State Legislature's House Oversight Committee
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The man was arrested and could face assault charges.

Rudy also says he has “red marks on his back”, “was not bleeding” and credits being in “pretty good shape” for not falling down when he was struck.

OK, Rudy is 78 but…c’mon, I think my mom slapped me on the back harder than that when she was burping me.  On an unrelated note, I WOULD be interested to hear what Nancy Pelosi has to say about elbowing an 8-year-old during a photo op.

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