If you haven't already, get ready to overhear people talking about a murder that happened in Wisconsin in 2005. You may overhear if from co-workers at the coffee machine, the next table over at Chili's or even in the halls at school. The reason everyone is talking about a murder that happened ten years ago and a thousand miles away is because there's a ten part documentary on Netflix called Making a Murderer. It is spellbinding. At work, I find myself anxious to get home so I can watch the next episode. It's that good.

It's about a guy named Steven Avery who went to prison for 18 years for attempted rape and murder. DNA evidence finally exculpated (a word I just learned) him in 2003. But, he was back behind bars in 2005 for the murder of a photographer.

This is where I am in the series. This is also the point in my post where you may find ... I hate to say "spoilers" because this isn't a movie; it's real life and a real person is dead so "spoiler" sounds a little off ... spoilers.

I'm as close to 100 percent sure Steven Avery is guilty as you can get and still leave any sliver of room for doubt. I mean, they found the victim's car on his property. Her burned remains were in a fire pit next to his house. Her car key was found in his bedroom and HIS DNA was found in her car. I'm not saying the police have never set anyone up before but this just seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence. The documentary shows that members of the Manitowoc Sheriff's Office had recused themselves from the case and let law enforcement from Calumet County handle the investigation. The Manitowoc sheriff even says his department was only going to loan equipment so as to avoid any hint of corruption or misconduct (the County, the DA and others were being sued by Avery for 36 million for wrongful incarceration, an amount that it seemed he might succeed in collecting). Why, then, was the victims car key found in Avery's bedroom by two Manitowoc officers? Not just any officers. The same two who ignored compelling evidence in 1995 that they had the wrong man.

OMG, I can't wait to get home and see what happens next!

There is ... I mean, "was" ... so much evidence against Steven Avery in 2005, I can't even imagine how they'll fill 7 more episodes.

But I'll watch. And I'll report back here whether I've changed my mind or not. I don't see that happening.

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