I just finished binge watching the third season of "Fuller House" on Netflix. As far as revivals/reboots go, it's cheesy but I love it. "Will & Grace" is also in it's revival stage and so far, I'm loving it. And just today, ABC released the teaser trailer for the "Roseanne" revival to return in March. Nostalgia is hitting and thriving in television so why not jump back into the final Frontier?

"Mad About You" premiered on NBC in 1992 and ran until 1999. It centered on Paul and Jamie Buchman's lives in New York City, played by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, respectively. If the name Paul Reiser sounds familiar to you who've never seen "Mad About You" that's because we've recently seen a return of Paul to our screens. He played Dr. Sam Owens in season two of "Stranger Things." Well, while doing the press rounds for "Stranger Things" back in October, Reiser was asked about a possible return for the Buchman's to which he said:

"I've thought about it. I always said no to a reunion or a reboot, and now that everybody keeps asking, it's possible… I always said if there's a reason for it, if there's a story to tell."

Insiders say that the revival would revolve around Paul and Jamie's empty nest syndrome once their daughter, Mabel, leaves for college. According to TVLine, NBC isn't involved so far, but considering the success of the "Will & Grace" revival, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring back another fan favorite. Let me know what you think about the reboot/revival craze happening lately, and if you were a fan of "Mad About You" and try to not sing along to the theme song!


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