It's that time of year where Halloween programming is starting to take over your T.V.'s. If you haven't already noticed, I love it. While lots of shows are making their fall return, lots of them have special Halloween episodes. Yes, they also have some special Thanksgiving or Christmas/holiday special as well, but the Halloween ones are usually what kick starts the season.

Halloween is a time for all; children and adults. While many love to go out and check out the nightlife and other's costumes, some like to have a low-key evening at home, watching some horror favorites. If the FearFest stuff is too much for you, some great sitcoms have hilarious and heartwarming Halloween episodes you can check out.  As a die-hard TV watcher and a lover of horror I watched a lot of TV (for research of course) and sifted through lists and articles and came up with 13 great TV Halloween episodes you should check out! Some are even available right now on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime! (In no particular order).

  • 1

    The Office


    S2 Ep. 6

    There's plenty of holiday episodes that are great in the entire run of "The Office" but this first one really shows you who Michael is. He has to fire someone at the end of the day and it nearly kills him. Also, I think we all forgot that Devon worked there. This episode is available on Netflix.

  • 2



    S2 Ep. 6

    "Community" also has some great holiday episodes, and this is one of the better ones. The Greendale students find themselves in a zombie attack at a Halloween party that leads to them being quarantined for six hours. This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 3

    Bob's Burgers

    Fort Night

    S4 Ep. 2

    "Bob's Burgers" is one of my favorite shows right now. They have some really good Halloween episodes. Excluding this past Halloween episode (which is amazing!) This one is one of my favorites. The kids find themselves stuck in their fort on Halloween night and their only hope to get out is Millie, who is obsessed with Louise. This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 4

    Brooklyn Nine Nine


    S5 Ep. 4

    This has become one of my favorite shows thanks to Lisa. In the first season, Jake (played by Andy Samberg) starts a "Halloween Heist" between him and Captain Holt. By the time we get to this fifth season, everyone in the precinct is game for the annual heist. It ends with a heartwarming proposal.This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 5

    Parks & Recreation

    Halloween Surprise

    S5 Ep. 5

    On the topic of proposals. In this hilarious episode, Jerry (Terry, Gary, Larry) has a heart attack but called a "fart attack." Ron apologizes to his girlfriend. Ben is told to seriously "think" about his future. And well, it's a cute proposal. This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 6



    S2 Ep. 7

    "Roseanne" had some great Halloween episodes; it was basically Roseanne's favorite holiday. This very first Halloween episode is kind of the blueprint of how serious Halloween is to the Connor's. In this one Roseanne and Dan compete to see who is the spookiest and ends with a great haunted house. This episode is available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • 7

    The Goldbergs

    Stefan King

    S4 Ep. 5

    If '80s nostalgia is your thing you should be watching this show. In this great homage to Stephen King, Adam is taken hostage by his mother to finish writing his novel. Meanwhile, the teens show up to a school dance as Audrey & Audrey 2 and Seymour from "Little Shop of Horrors" This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 8


    The One with the Halloween Party

    S8 Ep. 6

    I couldn't make a list without adding this one. Even though I've never really seen all of "Friends" this one totally deserves to go on this list. Monica and Chandler are having a costume party for Halloween, which brings up all kinds of problems.It's hilarious and has lots of funny costumes. This episode is available on Netflix.

  • 9

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Who Got Dee Pregnant?

    S6 Ep.7

    The gang gets a real scare after Dee reveals she's pregnant, forcing the guys to recall their last hazy Halloween party to determine who might be the father. This episode is available on Hulu.

  • 10

    That '70s Show

    Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

    S3 Ep.4

    In this great homage to Alfred Hitchcock the gang finds itself caught up in strange situations as Halloween festivities turn scary. This episode is available on Netflix.

  • 11

    New Girl


    S2 Ep.6

    I loved this show when it was on. In this episode Jess is hired to be a zombie at a haunted house; Cece and Schmidt accidentally wear perfectly matched costumes; a former college crush visits Nick and expresses her affection in an alarming way. Hilarity ensues. This episode is available on Netflix.

  • 12

    Modern Family


    S2 Ep. 6

    "Modern Family" takes their Halloween serious. In this first Halloween special, Claire prepares to make the Dunphy house spooky for Halloween; Cameron does not like the holiday because of a traumatic childhood experience; Jay and Manny tease Gloria about her accent.

  • 13

    Stranger Things

    Trick or Treat, Freak

    S2 Ep. 2

    Again, if '80s nostalgia is your thing, this episode is great! The costumes, the music it's all great. After Will sees something terrible while trick or treating, Mike wonders if Eleven is still out there; Nancy wrestles with the truth about Barb. This episode is available on Netflix.

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