WWE ‘SmackDown’ Live Recap – [4/10/12]
As opposed to the normal pretape-on-Tuesday to air-on-Friday deal, this week’s ‘SmackDown’ ran live on Tuesday night, presumably as a way to clear the deck and rearrange everyone’s travel schedule for WWE’s impending European tour…
WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Recap – [4/9/12]
With one of the absolute best first segments in recent memory, this week’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ started out extremely promising. But apart from a great CM Punk/Chris Jericho segment and some Three Stooges slapstick that I am a little embarrassed to admit that I en…
WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
It’s late March and people who generally leave the room when you talk about wrestling are starting to ask questions like, “The Undertaker is still wrestling!?” which can mean only one thing: ‘WrestleMania’ season is upon us.