What would you do with $37 million? Well, play Lotto Texas and you could get that. Well, almost. Technically the number is up to $36.75 million and you also have to account for taxes. So how about we just round it off to a cool $20 million? Doesn't sound as flashy, but still. That is a boat load of money for a simple lottery ticket. This is also the highest Lotto Texas has been in a decade. The last time it was up this high was May 29th, 2010 when it was at $97 million.

So seriously, what would you do with that much money? Me, I already have a whole list of things I'm doing:

  • I'm buying a house. A big ass house up on the hill.
  • Next, we're hooking the family up. My mom, dad, sister, in-laws, all get something. Might not be millions of dollars, but you have to share the wealth.
  • I'm buying a second house in Ruidoso or Cloudcroft. Something driveable for the weekend.
  • I'm gonna travel. A lot. I want to see the whole world, but I would start with trips to Europe and places like Belize.
  • I'd also be booking trips around the world for all the Disney Parks. Of course, all these trips would be after COVID-19 has settled down and we have a handle on it.

You could technically not work again with that much money. But you would have to be very frugal. I would keep my job and use that money for standard bills.

So what would you do with that much money? Go buy a lottery ticket and that might become a reality.

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