There are a lot of businesses that need help across the country. Just go to almost any restaurant and you'll see "Help Wanted" signs. This is the perfect time for teenagers to jump into the job market. 

Workforce Solutions Borderplex says the current situation is one that teens can take advantage of. Bianca Cervantes, spokesperson for Workforce Solutions Borderplex said:

There's definitely worker availability with the 16-year-olds, 17-year-old, 18-year-olds that can can be okay with less than a $15 wage.

She added:

We see this as a really good opportunity for young individuals that are ready to work and trying to get job experience to do this, obviously, at a good rate at a good pay rate, that's fair, that this is a good opportunity for people to jump in.

I still remember my first job. I worked at the Neon Pretzel at the Clackamas Town Center. I don't think I remember the exact pay that I got at the beginning but I took the job during the fall of 1996. The beginning of my junior year in high school. I remember minimum wage was a hot topic back then because there was a bill on the ballot to increase minimum wage. When I first took the job, minimum wage in Oregon was $4.75 an hour. The bill ended up up passing, so there was a gradual increase in minimum wage set to take place over the following few years. It jump from $4.75 to $5.50 in 1997, up to $6.00 in 1998, and finally reached $6.50 by 2000.

Workforce Solutions Borderplex has several programs to help teens to help them find a job. The organization is also hosting a virtual job fair. To participate or learn more about the resources available, call 915-759-JOBS (5627)

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