One little pug (using the word 'little' loosely here) went on the adventure of a lifetime that took him through three states over the course of one year. Luckily, he's now home.

Four-year old Chips is a pug who is owned by Joni Harrel and her son, Mack Becker. The family lives on a farm near San Antonio, Texas, and last Thanksgiving their beloved pug went missing.

The family searched for Chips but had no luck finding him. They thought he was gone forever.

Then this week, the family got a call they never thought they would get; Chips was alive and well! But in Mississippi.

A good samaritan found him in the parking lot of a Dollar General Store and took the pooch to the Panther Pet Hospital to see if he had a microchip. The animal hospital called the family, who were ecstatic to find that their long lost pet had been found alive and well.

The family drove all day from Texas to Mississippi to pick up their pug. Dr. Christine Gibson, owner and veterinarian at Panther Pet Hospital said that Chips was in good health and that they we're "so happy to be able to reunite these folks."

Owner Joni Harrel said that Chips "was very wroth (the drive)." No one knows how the pug ended up so far from home, but everyone is glad he found his way back.

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