Kern Place residents woke up Thursday wondering if there was another instance of vandalism happening in the neighborhood. Neighbors started posting videos of the bright orange Porsche outside of the Lost and Found bar burned to a crisp.

Many began wondering if this was another instance of vandalism in the neighborhood after someone drove through Madeline Park up Cincinnati Street tearing up the grass. But after speaking to the owners of Lost and Found it looks like the Porsche in front of the Lost and Found sign wasn't destroyed by vandals.

Johnny Escalante is one of the great minds behind Lost and Found and he confirmed there was a small fire caused by the landscape lighting shorting out. The fire caused the Porsche and the landscaping in front to catch fire.

Thankfully for the owners of Lost and Found, the El Paso Fire Department has a fire station right across the street from the bar so they were able to be onsite within a minute. Firefighters were able to quickly put out the flames without damage to the buildings.

A video of the flames was posted to the popular El Paso Instagram page FitFamElPaso:

Since there was only minor damage to the landscaping in front of the bar, Lost and Found let patrons know they would still be open while the damage is repaired:




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Lost and Found is located on Stanton Street in the Kern Place neighborhood across from the University of Texas at El Paso.

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