Los Chicharrines are back! Well, sort of.

For those of you who may remember, Los Chicharrines were brothers aptly named Chicharrin and Chicharin. Their show, "El Circo de los Chicharrines" was a huge hit back in the day here in the borderland. Although clowns kind of creeped me out, it was actually one of my favorite shows to watch! They were hilarious and super entertaining!

Los Chicharrines would broadcast out of Juarez, but then moved on to bigger stations in Monterrey. For awhile, it seemed like they faded away, but a while back I learned that they were still out there, performing and bringing smiles to people's faces.

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Well, now it looks like they may have made a triumphant return to the borderland! Chicharrin was on the local Spanish news station to announce his new show "Diversión a Domicilo"  which debuted on Saturday. At first glance, I thought it was strange that it was just Chicharrin solo, he wasn't accompanied by his brother Chicharin- I was worried that Los Chicharrines had broken up! However, Chicharrin mentioned that his brother, Chicharin, would be joining him virtually from Monterrey.


It was such a big deal if you could get these guys to perform at your birthday party, and one year in 1996, my cousin got them at his birthday party. As creeped out as I was, I was still laughing and enjoying myself until those dreaded words came out: "We need a volunteer." My mother volunteered me and said I needed to show that El Pasoans could party with everyone in Juarez. At seven years old I was the El Paso representative. I don't really remember the trick, just that involved a handkerchief and Chicharrin's hair.

I never heard a bad thing about these guys, some say they used a lot of bad words when not working, but other than that they were great people. I'm glad that Los Chicharrines are back to entertain a whole new generation and look forward to seeing what new hijinks they come up with! "Diversión a Domicilo" with Chicharrin is on every Saturday.


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