Local Loco Norman Matthew has put together a strange new band.

Murder FM founder and frontman Norman Matthew has put that band on hold and formed a new one ... As Strange As Angels.  Their debut album will be available starting tomorrow, 9/15.  Meanwhile, check out the video they just released!

About the new band, Norman said:

“As Strange As Angels is a story with many chapters. Each chapter needed to be given it’s own soundtrack. Whatever felt right, I ran with. I didn’t care about genre and labels. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people who have helped me bring this record to life. Who picked me up along the way, never gave up on me, and never stopped believing.Plenty of people let go, and stopped believing, once I had to take a step back, and learn how to live life again. As Strange As Angels, is a testament to that. A gift in many ways. I owe much of myself, to all those that kept my blood flowing,and my heart going.”