A local cheerleader made news headlines especially Yahoo! news with her fake burglary to keep cheerleader uniform. Last month Gina Nicole Torrijos was arrested for lying to police authority about her so called stolen cheerleader outfit.

It did not take much for the cops to put two and two together when they noticed her jewelry, television and much more pricey items were still around. If you're wondering what school she represents, she cheered for Riverside High School. Her report to the police stated she received several text messages from an  anonymous number saying her outfits had been taken. She also dragged her boyfriend into it saying he chased the person down but other neighbors said they didn't notice or hear anything. She first said she had the second uniform but then is now claiming she cannot find it.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to others, the price to pay for a uniform to be made is cheaper than the jail time and amount to get bailed out!