This is a conversation that took off in the Facebook chat. People were wondering if anyone on the MoSho had spent a night in jail and if they had, what was it for? Most of the responses involved drunk and disorderly conduct or public intoxication. Well, I'm going to ask you this and see what people can come up with. Send a message to the Buzz Adams Morning Show Facebook page by CLICKING HERE. In the message, let me know the following:

  • First, do you think anyone on the MoSho has been arrested, or spent a night in jail?
  • Did they spend more than one night in jail or was it as simple as being placed in a cop car?
  • And finally, what was the reason the member of the MoSho was arrested?

You can say everyone, you can also pick no one. I'll be doing an updated article later this week with the best responses we get. Do you win anything if you guess correctly? No. Well, yes. You get the respect the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Lamest prize ever. We know this. But it's pretty much all we have at this point, and we want to see what people think in regards to who has had a run-in with the law from the MoSho.

We have talked about run-ins with the law the MoSho has had. The more famous story was Buzz getting pulled to the side at a checkpoint leaving El Paso because the drug-sniffing dogs reacted to something in his brand new car.



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