We've been waiting forever .......now, it's finally here!

Not My Master have a had a busy year, signing a label deal with Rockshots, writing the new album and touring all over the freakin' place.  Today, (7/6), "Disobey" was released and the new video, (above), premiered on Decibelmagazine.com.

I've heard the album already and it is vicious, totally a must have. Solid, straight ahead metal with an awesome cover of "How The Gods Kill" on it that I think is better than Danzig's original. That's what I think, here's what Headbanging Moose and Metal Assault had to say along with vocalist Chris Kidwell's Facebook comment:

Today’s the day, buy this cd!! Not because it’s my band, FUCK THAT! Buy it because it’s good, I say that as a fan of metal music. I believe we have had at least 15 reviews on it, not one bad thing has been said. It’s been stated as one of the best EP releases in 2018. If you’re always whining about how music sucks and everything sounds the same, well here u go...

Buy it here or, at the album release party tomorrow night at Paulina's Badlands, 7792 Franklin, El Paso Texas!!

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