I love it when I see our Local Locos kicking ass and "movin' on up"!

El Paso rockers Not My Master ... vocalist Chris Kidwell, bassist Rudy Barajas, guitarist Chelo Styes and drummer Charlie Gonzalez ... recently signed a deal with Rockshots Records. A label based in Italy that has on its roster, acts like The Raz, Greystone Canyon,  Metatrone  and many more.  They've also produced for Fates Warning, Skid Row, Venom and more.

The Rockshots Records announcement describes the band as:

 An aggressive mix of Thrash, Groove and Extreme Metal with Southern Rock blasted by a new four-piece act hailing from the U.S. state of Texas, NOT MY MASTER was formed back in 2016 and quickly took off, dominating the El Paso local music scene with the bands unique sound.  NMM prides itself on making "Texas Fucking Metal" while the bands influences range from Pantera to Nirvana to Eyehategod, and everything in between.

Read the rest of the announcement here. Not My Master posted this announcement, and the video above, on their Facebook page:

We as a band have worked so hard. If you know us or have seen us you know we put a 100% into what we do.
So as a little pissed off band from El Paso Texas, we are very proud to announce we have signed with Rockshots Records as our label.
Thank you to everyone for your support. We love you.


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