A local rocker's back home after showing the world how El Chuco rocks!

Pepe Clarke, drummer for metal rockers Kyng, is a local loco who's come back home to teach others how to rock.

Pepe grew up in Juarez but. attended elementary school in El Paso. His Mom wanted to be sure he and his sister learned English so, they crossed the border every day to get to school. He played in a band in Juarez called Mary La Aturdida from '96 to '98 and then, made the big move to L. A.

Kyng formed in 2009 and have released two albums; 2011's Trampled Sun and 2014's Burn The Serum. A third is due out this fall and, starting in September, they'll do a month long festival run with headlining shows in between the 'fests'. After that, they hit the road with Clutch and Zakk Sabbath.

Last February, Pepe moved back home to El Chuco to open Let There Be Rock School on the West Side. Visit them on Facebook and catch Pepe in action below!

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